Graduation Lunch

As you may recall last Sunday 13th December me and my family together with relatives and a couple of friends attended the tabloid Sunday Lunch Buffet as celebration marking my daughters’ graduation.  First of all a big thank you to all the staff who in some way or other contributed to this event. I would have liked you to have seen  my daughter’s face expression when one of the staff presented himself with the surprise cake accompanied by her boyfriend playing the violin. This was the climax of the day. This  was, as usual, fantastically  supplemented with a vast selection of delicious  food assortment and sweets. The menu cards marking my daughters graduation event displayed on the table took me by surprise. I can assure you they will be kept as a token.

It would not have been so successful without the help of all your staff including the Chefs who prepared the food. So a big thank you to all at the Tabloid. We thank you very much dear Sylvain for your contribution.  We are looking forward to being there again in a fortnights’ time.

Best Regards, Nigel and Isabelle