Malta Events Planner is the perfect place to be if you are looking for the perfect place to host your next event.  Also a good start if you’re planning to throw a unique party for all your family and friends because the only way you can manage to do this is by choosing a unique venue and at AX Hotels we can accommodate any of your various needs. Our huge selection of alternate venues are very popular for graduation parties, bachelor parties, hen nights, baby showers, staff parties, confirmation and holy communion parties, bridal shower parties and many more.

In Sliema we have three properties that you can choose from and each of these properties has multiple venues that can be set up according to any of your needs. The Palace is a 5 star luxury city centre hotel and we can offer you exclusive venues like the Royal Hall, the Executive Lounge, The TabloidTalk of Townthe State Hall & Alexandra Gardens, Lounge 360 and TemptAsian.

In Sliema we also have the 4 star Victoria Hotel that offers a 5 star service and if you are interested in this property we can offer you exclusive venues like The Penny Black Bar,  The William Shakespeare Suite, The Drawing Room and Palazzo Capua.

In the northern part of the island we also have two more properties and several outlets that are suitable for all types of parties. You can make use of the Lotus Room or the Outdoor pool area at the 4 star Sunny Coast Resort & Spa or for bigger events we can suggest the 4 star All Inclusive Seashells Resort at Suncrest that boasts  The Poseidon Hall, The Zeus Hall, The Athena Hall and The Apollo Hall. providing the perfect solution if you’re looking to host a unique private event. Along the coast between these two properties we also have a number of outlets that are fantastic venues and very popular for parties. These are the Cheeky Monkey Gastro Pub, Luzzu, Tal – Kaptan,  It-Tokk and Coral Cove as well as Tal-Kaptan at the Valletta Waterfront.

For more information click on the outlets or get in touch and we will guide you accordingly.

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